ADANA - More time for the important things

The history of ADANA began in a workshop: not in Silicon Valley, but rather in Chemnitz in Saxony. In 2002 some employees of Schloz Wöllenstein GmbH & Co. KG started documenting the retrofits they carried out. Two years later they made their experience available in the company´s intranet. ADANA was born. The launch was in 2009 after one year of development. After a short time over 50 percent of the Daimler dealerships put their trust in our intuitive web application. Over the next 8 years ADANA grew into the market leader with 8 employees and 92 percent market coverage. In the same year ADANA launched in Austria, Switzerland, Denmark and Luxembourg.

Our recipe for success

Competent support for retrofits and accessories for Mercedes-Benz and smart, modern software and experienced employees. The majority are master mechanics and our young colleagues connect fresh ideas with their combined 146 years of experience.

Your ADANA-team

Foto André Uhlig

André Uhlig

Managing director

Foto Sandy Langer

Sandy Langer

Commercial management

Foto Thomas Mauersberger

Thomas Mauersberger

Head/Key account manager

Foto Tom Stephan

Tom Stephan

Team leader passenger vehicles

Foto Michael Arnold

Michael Arnold

Administration passenger vehicles

Foto Carsten Brödner

Carsten Brödner

Administration passenger vehicles

Foto Patrick Dathe

Patrick Dathe

Administration passenger vehicles

Foto André Hambeck

André Hambeck

Team leader commercial vehicles

Foto Robert Schindler

Robert Schindler

Administration commercial vehicles

Foto Daniel Nagy

Daniel Nagy

Administration commercial vehicles

Foto Stefan Groß

Stefan Groß

Administration commercial vehicles

Support passenger vehicle +49 (0) 371 5223 – 2320

Support commercial vehicle +49 (0) 371 5223 – 2321